Friday, 11 December 2015

Canada Day Quad Ride

This was the first video I made with my GoPro. My best friend and I took her new quad out for a ride around her house and took the GoPro for it's for ride.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Kayaking Adventure

Check this video out. It was from the summer time but I was finally able to actually go through all of the videos I had from the summer. I used my GoPro Hero 4 Silver and several of extras to get the videos. Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My Absence

I apologize for a two month absence of not posting anything. School became incredibly tough obviously considering it is fourth year. If it was too easy I would be concerned. On the bright side though, I have an entire month off of school to recuperate and relax, somewhat as I will have to work almost every day.

However, my school is going well; semester is done, masters application is almost done just have to wait for my transcript from my school and then it is all complete, applied to graduate and just have to set up my graduation photos. Other than that everything is pretty much going well.

Europe trip is still on the go and I am beyond excited. I've pretty much planned several other trips afterwards and hopefully I will be taking my masters next year, which will keep me out of the workforce for another two years haha. On the bright side I will have a masters degree in history and hopefully be able to get a job unlike my schoolmates who will be forced onto a waiting list  to teach in schools.

That's a little bit of what is happening in my life currently, but hopefully this winter break I will be able to post more often.